Secured Escrow Services takes your security seriously. We never see or store personal banking information. Our process uses the same security protection you'll find at a bank—which leaves you with transparent, reliable, compliant transactions every time.

Secured Escrow Services has been an Escrow Agent for holding documents and processing installment contract payments for over 20 years, having serviced over 7,500 contracts during that time.

All payments are processed in a central location in our Topeka, Kansas office. 

Selling and buying property on contract can sometimes turn out to be not only complicated but time consuming.  You’re responsible for collecting payments, keeping accurate records, calculating the interest and principal, depositing funds, making timely payments, paying underlying obligations (such as taxes and insurance) and complying with the IRS requirements.  Using Secured Escrow Services can save you time, money and the stress of managing installment contracts on your own. 

For more information on how Secured Escrow Services may assist you, please call 785-217-9040.