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Culture Statement

Respect all People

Be Honest with Yourself & Others

Work as a Team

Embrace Change

Family Friendly

Be Accountable

Have Integrity in all Actions

Be Proud

Give Back to Our Communities

Be Healthy & Have Fun

Secured Escrow Services

Secured Escrow Services is a subsidiary of TM Holdings, Inc., which is headquartered in Fairway, Kansas. TM Holdings, Inc. has grown to a multi-state group of companies that provide Title and Escrow services, with agencies currently in Kansas, Missouri, Nebraska, Minnesota, Texas, Wisconsin and Oklahoma. 

Secured Escrow Services, as the Escrow Agent in a transaction, acts as an independent third-party between the buyer and the seller. The Escrow Agent provides both buyer and seller protection, holds documents and maintains an accurate record keeping of the payment history. Secured Escrow Services can provide services to you directly or through our subsidiary agencies, whether it is for your seller-financed contract, deed of trust, mortgage, land contract, lease agreement or simply to hold documents. 

Secured Escrow Services, manages the collection and disbursement of all real estate related payments in the contracts that we service, including, but not limited to, taxes, insurance, condo fees and HOA dues.  



Our Vision 
To become the leading provider of the title and real estate closing services in the State of Oklahoma.

Our Mission
To exceed our customers' expectations by providing the most friendly, timely, and comprehensive property and title services available anywhere. By offering title insurance, title certificates, real estate closings, and escrows at very competitive rates, we strive to maximize the benefits of partnering with our organization.